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LOVED (A Valentine’s Day Playlist) by LORINE CHIA


Another one of our 27Brand family members just released a Valentine’s Day Ep for the lovers as well!! Lorine Chia has been apart of our movement since her 1st Crockpo experience Jan27, 2015!!! She is a an amazing human being and a vocal masterpiece! With a sound, tone, and writing ability like nothing you’ve ever heard before, Lorine keeps setting the bar higher and higher with every project she drops!!


And shout out to our MD Sam Hoffman for producing one of the tracks on the Ep ( Runaway Story) and mixing ( Runaway Story and You Got Me). @SamHoffmanMusic


Keep up with her musical journey at www.soundcloud.com/lorinechia and follow her on IG, FB, & Twitter @LorineChia

We also have most of her projects on www.soundcloud.com/the27brand

Lorine One Sheet


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